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According to Romero, an employee was working in the refrigerated area and wearing cold-weather gear including a ski mask. That employee left the refrigerated area, but did not remove the mask. Around the same time, an armored truck arrived to pickup the store's standard deposits. Romero told the paper that a customer, seeing a man in a ski mask around the truck, feared a robbery was going to happen and alerted authorities. Copyright 2016 KCBD . All rights reserved. Local News on KCBD.comNews More>> Monday, June 27 2016 8:31 AM EDT2016-06-27 12:31:56 GMT Police are investigating a stabbing in Northwest Lubbock that left one person injured. Police are investigating a stabbing in Northwest Lubbock that left one person injured. Monday, June 27 2016 8:25 AM EDT2016-06-27 12:25:47 GMT Updated: Monday, June 27 2016 8:25 AM EDT2016-06-27 12:25:47 GMT Treasury chief George Osborne has sought to calm nerves in the markets, as investors worry about the consequences of Britain leaving the European Union.

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But, she said, the evolving plans all reflect the new owners' objectives -- "to celebrate the most valued local asset of the natural outdoor recreational and farming environment" of Sussex County and neighboring Orange County, N.Y., and their surroundings. She said the plans also will aim "to deliver additional tax revenues and trickle-down revenues to local business." Mayor Harry Shortway, in a phone conversation Friday, said he plans to attend Tuesday's open house and hopes others will do so as well. "It's their show and I'm just excited to go there and listen, but I think their reaching out to the community and the public says a lot," Shortway said. "I've heard all kinds of different plans, and from what I can tell they seem to be going more to outdoor activities and becoming a real, true four-season resort area. I do plan on attending and am excited to hear their plans." Two years ago, under former principal owner Andy Mulvihill, the resort had floated plans to construct a $140 million indoor waterpark hotel on a 25-acre parcel bordered by County Route 94 and Sand Hill Road adjacent to the resort's Black Creek Sanctuary townhouse development. The proposal had hinged on municipal approval of a 30-year property tax abatement program, which would have allowed about half the annual property tax obligation on the project to be diverted toward the repayment of publicly backed bonds used to help finance its construction. It is unclear at the moment where those plans stand or if the resort intends to go forward with them. Hazen said these and other questions would be answered Tuesday. She indicated, however, that "earlier plans developed by Intrawest and subsequent prior ownership are reflected in the new vision, with some newly aligned adjustments." Hazen further stated that over the last year, the new ownership had invested substantially "to support the resort's growth and development and sustainability as a weather-dependent business." Despite also coming off what she called "the worst ski season in 50 years in the East," Hazen indicated the resort had recently grown its full-time, year-round work force. She indicated there were 343 full-time and part-time people employed at the resort as of May -- "typically a low-business month between ski and waterpark seasons," according to Hazen.

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